1,025 years ago… The Great Dragons created Sanctuary. Huo, the Fire Dragon, and Tu, the Earth Dragon, worked together to shape and mold this world using their mastery of fire and earth. Shuey, the Water Dragon, and Fong, the Wind Dragon, then gave this world water and air. Ming, the Life Dragon, then created a race of immortals known as the Dragonkin. As old and wise as the dragons were, they never could have expected what was coming…

Every year on the anniversary of creation, the dragons would bless a select few of newborn Dragonkin with the ability to shape the elements. On their 25th birthday would venture into the Dragon Realms to learn the dragon forms, and became known as the Shapers. The Shapers would study under the Great Dragon that blessed them and become masters of their form. They would have the ability to harness great power, but could never leave The Dragon Realms. It was believed that many Dragonkin lost their lives learning to master these great forms.

Wu-Yue, king of the Dragonkin, the self proclaimed “Dragon King,” started to become angry with the dragons for not blessing his son Sho-Yue with this shaping power. He rallied the Kingdoms of the Dragonkin, who, drunk with jealousy, greed, and power, sought to punish the dragons for this ‘insult.’ The combined Kingdoms of the Dragonkin waged war on the Shapers and their dragon masters. War ravaged creation for centuries between the Dragonkin and the Shapers.

After centuries of war, the Dragonkin had all but wiped out the last of the Life Shapers, who, with all of their great power, could not take life, only create it. Finally, Ming, the Life Dragon, came to the aid of his Shapers, and after an epic battle, the first of the Great Dragons was slain. With his dying breath, Ming cursed the Dragonkin and took from them their immortality, except Wu-Yue. Ming turned the king of the Dragonkin into a great tree, where he would forever be imprisoned to reflect on what he had done. It was clear now; with the slaying of Ming, who took away what he created in this world, that slaying the other Great Dragons would undo what they created as well… Sanctuary.

Sho-Yue had taken the throne as king of the Dragonkin. The great tree, now known as the “Tree of Life” still stands in Haven, capital city of the Kingdoms of the Dragonkin. The tree was a symbol of hope to Sho-Yue that Ming, the Life Dragon, had not completely left this world. He had always trusted the Dragons judgments and did not agree with the Dragon King’s war, but was only a young boy at the time, and helpless to stop it. He had spent his reign as king trying to undo the acts of his father, but has known only failure. The dragons have stopped giving their blessings. It is thought that blessing the Dragonkin and moving them to The Dragon Realms was the dragon’s way of controlling the Dragonkin’s immortal population, but now they are mortal; there is no need for the Dragons to bless them. As such, there is no need for the Great Dragons to continue their teachings, so they have all taken new forms, and have gone into hiding, and even with the resources of Sho-Yue, impossible to find. Great scholars have uncovered scripts believed to contain the great secrets of Ming. On the anniversary of creation, 1,000 years from its birth, it was believed that Ming put actions in place to guarantee that ___ Dragonkin would receive his blessing, the last of the Life Shapers. The scripts reveal that these Life Shapers will have the ability to learn the forms of all five dragons. Sho-Yue and his scholars believed that these Life Shapers, after mastering all five dragon forms, would have the power to bring back The Life Dragon, and restore the Dragonkin’s immortality.

When the Great Dragons seemed to vanish, the Shapers were without their masters for guidance. They started rationalizing causes for Ming’s death. They started to blame each other and turn on each other. They started spying on each other, until finally, three years ago, the Fire Shapers, masters of fire and rage, initiated war. They blamed the Earth Shapers, masters of earth and strength, for staying barricaded in their mountainous realm; for Tu, the Earth Dragon, not aiding Ming when he needed him most. The Fire Shapers attempted to redirect a comet to destroy the great walls of the Earth Dragon Realm, but it missed, and instead, collided with the Water Dragon Realm; plunging it into the deep sea. The Air Shapers, masters of air and chaos, thought the comet was meant to knock their Air Dragon Realm from the sky, so they attacked the Fire Shapers and later the Earth Shapers as well. The Water Shapers, masters of water and serenity, stayed submerged in their now underwater realm, or so, that is what is believed. The war between the Shapers frightened Sho-Yue as he believed that if any of the remaining Great Dragons were to be killed, it would undo the creation of Sanctuary. He concluded that it was more important than ever to bring back the Life Dragon, not for his immortality, but to restore balance to this world.

It is now 100 years after the slaying of Ming, the Life Dragon, and Sho-Yue has long since passed; the last king of the Dragonkin. The Kingdoms of the Dragonkin are now ruled by “The Dragon Council,” a group handpicked by Sho-Yue before his death. The Dragon council was assembled by King Sho-Yue to serve three purposes. One: Sit council over Haven and the Kingdoms of the Dragonkin after the king’s death. Two: Locate the last Life Shapers to fulfill the prophecy and aid them on their journeys at any cost. And, three: Restore the throne to the scripts’ predicted ‘true’ Dragon King.

The war continues today between the Shapers of the Dragon Realms. ___ Dragonkin, born 1000 years from the creation of Sanctuary celebrate their 25th birthdays today. It is these heroes that must venture forth into the Dragon Realms and master the five dragon forms. It is these heroes that must save creation itself before there is nothing left to save…

The Great Dragons